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Cantilever Rack for Disaster Relief Services

THE CLIENT: Five Star Disaster

Five Star Disaster is a disasters relief service which provides water, fire, and storm damage services. They have a warehouse where they store their products on shelving provided by NationWide Shelving.


Five Star Disaster Service needed a rack system that could hold their pipes, wood, and furniture in their warehouse.


The Cantilever Rack provided a perfect build structure that could hold the pipes and wood perfectly


The Feature: Cantilever Racks have beams that stick outward allowing longer items to be stored.

The Advantage: Cantilever Rack is ideal for storing products such as: bars, tubes, long wood planks, and other long materials. Boards can be added to the Cantilever Racks to turn into a shelving unit.

Return on Investment: Cantilever Racks are a convenient way to store long product in bulk or loose but easily accessible, which will increase available space and productivity.


Cantilever Racks stand upright and have poles that stick out like arms to hold whatever is being stored. The poles typically have three or more poles on each side that stick. They have a middle bracing that keeps the units structure.

The two types of Cantilever Racks that are offered are the Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack and the Medium Duty Cantilever Rack. The Heavy Duty Cantilever Rack is ideal for storing products such as: bars, tubes, long wood planks, and other long materials. These units can come with either single or double sided bases. The components to the free standing unit are; two bases, one brace set, and two or more arms on each level. Columns for this structure are available in 8', 10’, or 12’ height. The arms are available in the following sizes, 24”, 36”, or 48”. Brace Sets come in widths of 3’, 4’, 6’, and 8’. The Medium Duty Cantilever Rack is ideal for storing pipes, rods, and other medium to long length items. All units are available in either single or double sided racks. The arms are adjustable at every 1½ inch increments.

Additional arms can be purchased as well as adding more units. A starter for a medium duty Cantilever Rack single sided unit is required to have 2 columns, 4 connecting beams, and 4 arms. Add on units require 1 column, 4 connecting beams, and 4 arms. A double sided unit requires 2 column, 4 connecting beams, and 8 arms. Add ons for this unit are 1 column, 4 connecting beams, and 8 arms. Heavy duty arm End-Stops can also be purchased.

Cantilever Racks are a great unit to have because it is used for storing long products such as pipes, wood boards, dry wall, pipes, etc. Although, it can also be used to store furniture. Simply place a long and sturdy wood boarding on the arms and your cantilever rack instantly has shelving levels. Units are assembled in less than 10 minutes.


  • Wood, Bars, Tubes, Wood Plans and other long materials
  • Cell Tower Parts and Antennas
  • Solar Energy Products
  • Long Plumbing Pipes
  • Fence Warehouse
  • Storing Vinyl Materials for Fences
  • Disaster Relief Services
  • Furniture
  • Warehouse and Industrial

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