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Wide Span Shelving for University Research Laboratory for Aquarium & Animals

THE CLIENT: Oregon State University


The Oregon State University needed a storage that could separate and store many varieties of fish, amphibians, and other aquatic animal species. This university lab studies and tests these animals for the creation of a new anesthetic.


Oregon State University decided these wide span storage racks met their expectations because they are very strong. The storage racks manageable shelves grants teachers and students an easy way to store these animals and fish tanks for research.


The Feature: The wide span storage racks can hold heavy, bulky items up to 1,000 lbs in weight. The wide-span shelf system allows an easy conversion from a static storage to a carton flow rack. The wide span storage racks shelves offer an easy and quick assembly snapping into place with no tools or bolts required. The wide span storage racks shelves can hold and extends storage size up to 150% increasing space. The Storage Racks are strong enough to store pallets on an incline. The Storage Racks shelf levels are customizable but can hold a lot of weight. The Storage Rack levels where built for easy sliding on and off and placing the decking flush on top of the beam. The Storage Rack surface locks onto the beam preventing accidental beam detachment.

The Advantage: The wide span storage racks can store heavy and bulky items like tanks filled with water and glass tanks. The storage racks makes the lab equipment more accessible and easy to locate. The wide span storage racks shelves can hold up to 1,000 lbs in weight and extends storage size up to 150%. Thus increasing space for more animal tanks filled with water or other types of tanks like cages to study and test these animals. The wise span storage racks have a structural grade steel (33,000 psi min) for a very strong hold of anything that needs to be stored. Plus the Universal Hanger Bracket is very easy to convert the shelf from stationary storage to a flow rack.

The Benefit: The wide span storage racks can store and unload heavy, bulky items like tanks filled with water and glass. The shelves comes together by snapping into place with no tools needed. Wide span can increase storage up to 150%, so the university can add more animal species for research. One of the wide-span benefits is that it can be converted from a stable pallet rack to a flow rack if the user would like to organize their inventory by first in, last out.

Return on Investment: The wide span racks are cheap but the high quality can potentially save money by avoiding buying more storage products. The wise span racks shelves can change from a static storage to flow rack storage containers which could save the students time. These shelves storage system saves money by not having to purchase any more expensive lab tools that could get lost or misplaced.


Utah Wide Span Storage Racks Utah Wide Span Storage Racks
Utah Wide Span Storage Racks Utah Wide Span Storage Racks
Utah Wide Span Storage Racks


Wide Span Storage Racks

This wide-span shelving solution is known of its easy access storage. It has many applications because of its heavy-duty design and work with mobile storage products.

B-Span wide-span shelving can be used with a forklift and by hand loaded. This beautiful shelving can be designed for a show rooms or as backroom storage thanks to the Box Edge Plus design.


  • Can be Adjusted every 2 inches
  • The recessed tail flange keeps storage space from being intruded
  • The post punching allows the structure to be used with
  • Borroughs Box Edge Plus shelving.
  • Bolted together or pre-welded options
  • Heights: 48” to 144”
  • Depths 12” to 48”
  • Compatible with B-Span or Box Edge Plus shelving
  • 12 gauge Heavy duty and 14 gauge Standard Available
  • Widths: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 feet
  • Beams accommodate several decking choices (7/16” or 3/4")
  • Customizable levels
  • The full mat system is compatible with deck over beams
  • To be compatible with Aisle-Saver Mobile storage applications the flush bottom beams are available.

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