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State of Utah Contract:
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In Plant Modular Office

In Plant Modular Office

For More Information on In Plant Modular Offices
Call 801-328-8788

In Plant Modular Offices typically are more cost effective than permanent construction. Because modular offices are per-engineered, high costs of architect or engineer's design services are eliminated. Modular in plant buildings are also not considered a permanent improvement to your facility, but is defined as capital equipment. This equipment category can be rapidly depreciated (which gives a significant price advantage) or can be easily expensed.

In plant modular offices and buildings are fast and trouble-free installs. They use up to 20% percent fewer parts than other comparable building system installations. They also arrive with detailed instructions and drawings, which will take a crew only days instead of weeks to achieve professional looking results.

These in plant modular office buildings are available to be customized into any size to meet your needs. In-plant offices or modular buildings can be expanded, rearranged or relocated to a new area or facility because the wall panels are interchangeable and 100% reusable (that can't be done with studs or drywall). The sample picture (depicted left) measures at 25 feet by 25 feet and has a stairway to a 14 foot by 25 foot mezzanine with caged storage rooms. This particular type of in plant office also features roll up doors and guard rails for safety. 


In Plant Modular Office Manufacturers / Vendors:

Panel Built
Panel Built

PortaFab Modular Building Systems
PortaFab Modular Building Systems

Types of In Plant Modular Offices:

Guard Shacks Booths
Attendant Booths
Break Rooms
CMM Rooms
Conference Rooms
Control Booths
Steel Crossovers
Entry Vestibules
Environmental Rooms
Guard Shacks
Industrial Stairs
Jail Cells
Machine Enclosures
Office on a Mezzanine
Operator Cabs
Operator Cabins
Paint Booths
Portable Security Booths
Prefab Storage Buildings
Press Boxes
Rappel Towers
SCIF Rooms
Steel Stairs
Substation Buildings
Ticket Booths
Valet Booths
Ballistic Buildings
Commercial Manufacturing
Machine or Equipment Enclosures
Material Storage Units
Consultant Space
Lookout/Observation Towers
Attendant Booths
Guard Houses
In-plant Offices
Welded & Ballistic Applications
Two Story Modular Office
Two-Story Industrial Inplant Office
Environmentally Controlled Clean Room
Basic Economical Modular Office
Modular Testing Labs
Industrial Control Rooms
Prefab Office Building
Permanent Modular Office Buildings
Modern Prefab Commercial Buildings
Quick Ship Modular Offices
Prefab Warehouse Office
Modular Internal Office Buildings
Elevated Exterior Metal Buildings to Withstand Hurricane-Force Winds

FAQ About In Plant Modular Office

In Plant Modular Office Applications:

Government Industrial/Commercial Manufacturing
Machine or Equipment Enclosures
Material Storage Units
Consultant Space
Lookout/Observation Towers
Attendant Booths
Guard Houses
In-plant Offices
Welded & Ballistic Applications
Security Control Check Point
Modular Buildings for Cubicles
Modular Buildings for extra Office Space

In Plant Modular Office Brochures:

Guard Booth

In Plant Modular Office
Case Studies:

Government at Elgin AFB
in Florida Purchased a stair system
to replace a wooden stair system.

Manufacturing facility in
Syracuse New York bought an
In Plant Office for the
Supervisor of the Plant Floor

An Industrial Company in
Sacramento California bought
a Mezzanine to expand storage space

A Commercial Company in
Jamaca New York Bought a Valet Booth

A manufacturing Plant in Jupiter Florida
bought a mezzanine for Production

An Industrial Business in Antioch California
Bought Barrier Rail for Building Protection


Job Titles of Customers That Purchase In Plant Modular Office




Shop Foreman

In Plane Office

Director of Development

Exterior Guard Booth

Head of Security

Top Primary Industries
In Plant Modular Office


Nuclear Power Plants


In Plant Modular Offices Literature Brochures
and Catalogs:

Customers Who Searched for In Plant Modular Offices Also Searched for:

Government Industrial/Commercial Manufacturing
Machine or Equipment Enclosures
Material Storage Units
Consultant Space
Lookout/Observation Towers
Attendant Booths
Guard Houses
In-plant Offices
Welded & Ballistic Applications
Coordinate Measuring Rooms

History of In Plant Modular Offices:

Modular In Plant Offices were spawned during World War II. A gentleman named Buckminster Fuller designed modular buildings which were picked up for use by the US Military during the war. This was the beginning of the modular building revolution. The exact moment someone moved one of these building inside and used it for an Inplant office does not seem to be documented but we can only imagine that at some time one needed to be stored either prior to installation of after one was removed from service and placed in a warehouse and found use in the warehouse and spawned this idea of an Inplant office.

The Future of In Plant Modular Offices:

The future of the Inplant Office simply can not be stopped. The speed at which an Inplant office can be constructed in a factory where so many robotic techniques can be utilized for speed and quality control of construction can not be matched by a local or general contractor. By the time an architect can draw the In Plant Building it can be well on its way through construction and maybe even shipped! Todays workforce is not evolving to be better at swinging a hammer they are evolving to develop software to produce material, and also to make customization very easy. With software you longer have to stop a line and reconfigure, which sometimes takes days of no production, todays work force is writing software to tell the automated line making a modular building to make it a little shorter or add and extra electrical outlet, or add an air conditioner, or stronger beams to hold more weight on the roof. If you can dream a modular in plant office today's work force can build it in a factory faster, better and to your specifications.

Another benefit to a modular in plant office as opposed to stick contruction by a builder is you don't have this big project taking place in your plant. contruction can be a big distraction to your staffs day to day operation. All during construction phase if the in plant office is being built off site there is no distraction in your warehouse. The building simply delvers, gets set up, and goes to use!

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