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State of Utah Contract:
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Modular Buildings

About Modular Buildings:

Modular building have been around for a long time and they have come a long way baby! There are so many advantages to modular construction today. They offer a high degree of quality control in manufacturing, accuracy in construction and with advances in technology, allow for easy and fantastic customization. Modular buildings are reusable, re-locatable, and expandable. Modular Buildings can be designed with A/C, exterior lighting, metal standing seam hip roofs, sliding doors, heat, electricity, to meet local snow load requirements, for interior or exterior installations and whatever you can dream of. You name it, we can have it built. No need to look for a general contractor and go manage and go through a long design and build process. you have a job to do. Order your building and get to the work that pays the bills. And never before have things changed so fast so Modular Buildings can be relocated and refitted to fit your changing needs. A huge investment advantage compared to a permanently built in building. If your considering a build-out of office or warehouse space please consider the modular building options you have today! Call us for prefab office building prices today so you will have a current modular prefab office building cost.

Adaptability and flexibility are real advantages of modular building. As your needs change and grow so can the product.

There are many saving going with modular construction. You can take out the time and cost associated with detaining an architect to design the building right off the bat. You can also eliminate coordination of framing, drywall, mudding, taping, sanding, painting and the other many aspects for traditional construction.

Think about dust with construction! It's not funny. =(

But....There is no construction dust and clean up with a Modular Building. =)

Modular buildings go in very fast for minimal interruption of your working facility.

And lets face it! when there is construction almost everyone stops to voice their opinion. Construction can be very distracting to your core business. Modular shows up and gets in done so fast!

Section 179 of the tax relief act classifies modular building as capital equipment. That means you can write off a modular building project over 7.5 years as compared to traditional construction that gets written off over 39 years!

Modular building is very "GREEN BULDING" since the components can be reconfigured and reused. Traditional construction usually goes right in the dumpster when relocation or remodel is required. Not only that, but now you have to start the entire process and double your expenses over. an architect, framers, drywall, paint and so on.

Imagine the quality difference in construction when you have the same staff putting together the same parts in the same environment with the same tools day after day that have assemble the same part thousands of times. It becomes perfection! A controlled factory setting using an assembly line process. While you are preparing the site the building is being constructed. When the site is prepared the building is simply set in place.

Modular Buildings utilize modular wiring. Modular wiring snaps together in half the time it takes to install traditional wiring. Just have the electrician bring power to the circuit breaker box and connect the circuits to the breakers. Modular wiring packages in modular buildings makes it easy to reconfigure and reuse if the building if changes are required in the future. All wiring components are factory tested and comply with all standard requirements. Snap together wiring systems eliminate the potential risk of field technician errors.

All welded steel construction! Can it be any stronger?

Modular Building Manufacturers

Panel Built PortaFab Modular Building Systems
Panel Built PortaFab Modular Building Systems
Modular In-Plant Office Workspace

Multipurpose and Inexpensive Modular In-Plant Office Workspace

Popular for warehouse offices and commercial applications. Modular Office buildings offer a clean, quiet, and safe environment for industrial warehouses and professionals.


In-Plant Office on a Mezzanine

An In-Plant Office can be added on top of a mezzanine. It will add more floor space and still have an office that can oversee facility activity. The mezzanine can meet your many office configuration and specifications using structural steel. Instead of building out, you can increase your space by building up.

The raised office structure for staff members adds sufficient space underneath; freeing up additional space for other uses such and racking, service bays, and more.

The video is a in-plant office on a mezzanine. It is 12’ x 34’, and 10' tall. (Additional sizes and customization available)

Modular In-Plant Office Workspace Modular In-Plant Office Workspace
Modular Buildings

Exterior Pre-Fabricated Modular Buildings

Conventional Building Features with a Short Lead Time

Pre-fabricated structures provide a durable and attractive building that is ideal for most modular and industrial applications. The exterior pre-fabricated building are the fastest way to add space.

Modular Buildings

Pre-Assembled Modular Buildings

Small Buildings and Guard Shacks are Quick & Easy

The pre-assembled small buildings and guard shacks were designed to be handled by a crane or forklift for easy and quick placement. Call NationWide Shelving for stock models and fast ship times!

Modular Buildings

Two or Three Story Modular Offices

Utilizes your vertical space by adding a two or three story modular in-plant office. Custom powder coated stair systems can be installed to access upper levels.

Modular Buildings

Custom Modular Buildings

Made to order options are available. Our highly trained staff can help you design and draw a modular office, mezzanine and pre-fabricated structures to fit your needs.

Modular Buildings
Multi-Story Modular In-Plant Offices

The panels are pre-coated aluminum and are resistant to abrasions but easily cleaned. For a seamless appearance we recommend the vinyl covered gypsum panels with powder coated binder posts.  

  • Variety of Panel Finishes
  • Meet Requirements for Acoustics
  • R-Factors
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Aesthetics
Modular Buildings
Pre-Fabricated and Pre-Assembled Guard Booths, Guard Shacks, Guard Houses

If your need a building system fast, then a pre-assembled building would a great option. These buildings were designed for industrial, commercial or military applications to maximize space. They can be shipped assembled from the factory to your site and are ready to go!


  • No Assembly or Disassembly required
  • Plug-in Ready
  • Shack is Relocatable by Crane or Fork-Lift
  • Save Time and Money
  • Avoid Disruptions Verses New Construction
  • Equipped with Forklift Pockets to Make it Easier to Move
  • Only the Final Electrical Tie-in is Needed


  • Machine or Equipment Enclosures
  • Material Storage Units
  • Consultant Space
  • Lookout/Observation Towers
  • Attendant Booths
  • Guard Houses
  • In-plant Offices
Modular Buildings
Quick Ship Modular Offices

Value Line Modular Office in 2 Business Days!

For off-site office needs a modular shipping office can provide a fast, reliable, and secure structure. A modular office can provide you and your workers an on-site office at a construction site that is also a safe place to work in. We can offer customized modular offices with a fast delivery wherever you need it.

Modular Buildings

One Hour Fire Rated Modular Buildings

ASTM Certified!

The “Sandwich” panels were specially designed for one hour fire modular buildings.

  • 5/8” Fire-Shield Gypsum Board
  • Mineral Wool Insulated Core
  • 26 Gauge Galvanized Steel Studs.
  • 20 Gauge Steel Channel to Secure Wall Panels.

View One Hour Wall Sample Specifications- PDF

View One Hour Fire Wall Details- PDF

Modular Buildings
Modular Clean Rooms

We understand the unique requirement every clean room may have. We offer many options to accommodate a variety of wall systems and air systems to meet your specific specifications. Options available up to class 1,000. Our experts are highly trained to assist you in the design, purchase, and installation of your clean room. These turn-key modular clean room systems are some of the best in our industry.


Two Story modular offices install quickly and reclaim unused high air space.

NationWide Shelving offers modular offices and warehouse offices from basic 10' x 10' to complex environmentally controlled clean rooms to two story in plant offices. We can help you custom design buildings to efficiently meet your needs for production or administrative buildings.

Modular testing lab buildings can be built within your budget!

We can build custom designed , engineered, and manufactured operator cabins or operator cabins! Design them with with a heavy duty welded design or economical panel designs. Operator cabins can be designed for indoor or outdoor use. For 0outdoor usage operators are galvanized and p[powder coated allowing for maximum durability and hold up to harsh]sh weather conditions.

A 6 x 12 guard booth for a courthouse on Long Island in New York was designed and built to match the architectural look of the existing courthouse. Another criteria in design was to meet UL requirements for bullet resistance. Providing lift-gate access control for the courthouse with a preefab building the offices allowed control flow of traffic and verify all visitors safely and efficiently.

Need an industrial control room? We can build a noise controlled environment to reduce noise stress and allow for increased productivity and accuracy. Loud noise can cause accidents, reduce productivity and allows for more mistakes! We can eliminate or significantly reduce that problem for you!

There are many materials that a modular wall systems can be made of but most are made of two primary materials; gypsum and steel. Two main factors when considering what to use are your requirements for sound ratings and insulation ratings.

As business grow, like the automotive industry has been, sometimes they need to add more Pallet Rack or Boltless Shelving for addition storage. This may mean you need to use the space an Inplant office is using. A great solution is to place your Inplant office on a steel mezzanine and put the rack or shelving below it. You can have your cake and eat it too! We can design your modular building for placement on a mezzanine. We can also help design and supply the Pallet Rack or Boltless Shelving to go under it.

We can design your Modular Building with a Bard System to provide the heating and or cooling you need. Air handlers can be mounted at floor level or wall mounted. There are others options for supplemental heating including baseboard heaters. These units work best in rooms that do not need to be heated all of the time. They can heat the room very quickly when needed.

Needs can change fast these days and modular wiring packages will allow wiring to be reconfigured and reused if things change.

CMM Rooms, Coordinate Measuring Rooms, require a very specifically controlled environment to record Three (3) dimensional points on an objects surface. Our CMM Rooms are designed to provide clean and contained environment for the accuracy you require!

Did you know we can design modular conference rooms that look regal and provide an feel appropriate for meetings, video conferencing, training, and for customers who are visiting. Set up on a mezzanine they can offer a great view of a production floor. Pretty awesome to sell your customers on your products!!

At NationWide Shelving, we provide the highest quality products and services, and the absolute best value in our industry. Additionally, our sales and installation experts are professionals who have been trained to provide the most accurate information and the highest quality installation services in the industry.

Find out why NationWide Shelving is a leader in Pallet Rack sales!

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Modular Building Vendors:

Panel Built

Types of Modular Buildings:

Guard Shacks Booths
Attendant Booths
Break Rooms
CMM Rooms
Conference Rooms
Control Booths
Entry Vestibules
Environmental Rooms
Guard Shacks
Jail Cells
Office on a Mezzanine
Operator Cabs
Operator Cabins
Paint Booths
Portable Security Booths
Prefab Storage Buildings
Press Boxes
Rappel Towers
SCIF Rooms
Substation Buildings
Ticket Booths
Valet Booths
Ballistic Buildings
Material Storage Units
Consultant Space
Lookout/Observation Towers
Attendant Booths
Guard Houses
In-plant Offices
Welded & Ballistic Applications
Two Story Modular Office
Two-Story Industrial Inplant Office
Environmentally Controlled Clean Room
Basic Economical Modular Office
Modular Testing Labs
Industrial Control Rooms
Prefab Office Building
Permanent Modular Office Buildings
Modern Prefab Commercial Buildings
Quick Ship Modular Offices
Prefab Warehouse Office
Modular Internal Office Buildings
Elevated Exterior Metal Buildings to Withstand Hurricane-Force Winds

FAQ About Modular Buildings:

Modular Building Applications:

Government Industrial/Commercial Manufacturing
Machine or Equipment Enclosures
Material Storage Units
Consultant Space
Lookout/Observation Towers
Attendant Booths
Guard Houses
In-plant Offices
Welded & Ballistic Applications
Security Control Check Point
Modular Buildings for Cubicles
Modular Buildings for extra Office Space

Modular Building Brochures:

Guard Booth

Modular Building
Case Studies:

Government at Elgin AFB
in Florida Purchased a stair system
to replace a wooden stair system.

Manufacturing facility in
Syracuse New York bought an
In Plant Office for the
Supervisor of the Plant Floor

An Industrial Company in
Sacramento California bought
a Mezzanine to expand storage space

A Commercial Company in
Jamaca New York Bought a Valet Booth

A manufacturing Plant in Jupiter Florida
bought a mezzanine for Production

An Industrial Business in Antioch California
Bought Barrier Rail for Building Protection


Job Titles of Customers That Purchase Modular Buildings




Shop Foreman

In Plane Office

Director of Development

Exterior Guard Booth

Head of Security

Top Primary Industries
Modular Buildings


Nuclear Power Plants


Modular Building Literature Brochures
and Catalogs:

Customers Who Searched for Modular Buildings Also Searched for:

Government Industrial/Commercial Manufacturing
Machine or Equipment Enclosures
Material Storage Units
Consultant Space
Lookout/Observation Towers
Attendant Booths
Guard Houses
In-plant Offices
Welded & Ballistic Applications
Coordinate Measuring Rooms

History of Modular Buildings:

Like so many products modular buildings had their start with the US Military. During World War II a gentleman named Buckminster Fuller designed modular buildings which were picked up for use by the US Military giving modular buildings a well funded start. It can't be any surprise in hindsight how well modular buildings have done since. On a much smaller scale production of the automobile sure proved cost efficient as well as quality control. In a sense McDonald restaurant proved part of the point of the benefits by franchising so their hamburgers could be duplicated over and over again around the world. Each one is the same. Same is being done with modular building. There is no way a worker in the field can produce the same quality over and over again as compared to someone in a production facility with every part and ever jig in the exact spot they need for construction.

The Future of Modular Buildings:

The future of modular buildings can not be denied. Think of it as a Lego set. You choose the sizes that are most common and you produce them over and over again perfectly in quality and cost. Not only does the physical part of construction make so much financial sense but todays worker is fueling the growth of modular building construction. Today's worker is not interested in assembly line work. They are building robotics and servicing robots and writing software so things can be customized on the assembly line. and this is perfect because todays assembly line process are being robotized in giant steps. Some factories are even "dark" factories already in 2020! You stock the line in the afternoon and it runs all night, in the dark. low heat and many other energy saving features. As we know robots show up every day, never have any human resource issues, work full speed every day. Things we just can't do as humans.


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